glowing in the woods: june 2008

GITWaward_badge.jpg It is a little hard to believe that yet another month had gone by, and it is time again to annouce our monthly "Glowing in the Woods" award! It was head-breaking to decide who gets the award--all these pieces are beautiful, poignant and touching. Each is a treasure you pick up and fondle and admire and have a hard time putting down. It is amazing how some find the words to those feelings we have been struggling to put our finger on.

This month we honour C. at My Resurfacing for Linus carries one, too -- an eloquent metaphor to the grief that bereaved parents feel. Wrap your heart around this post that is hard to tear away from.

Remember to nominate your favourites every month: posts that move you, resonate with you--posts we all need to share.

As mentioned last month, we are listing the nominees so you can all see how hard it is to choose who to give the award to. So much thanks to all who handed in nominations!

June's nominees:

Angie at Bring the Rain for Clay

Aite via Glow in the Woods for How to be there for your friend

Alice at An Empty Chair at our Table for Leagues of grief

Antigone at Antigone Lost for Hopeless


GITW awards: Amplified


GITWaward_badge.jpgToday we are proud to share with all of you a new feature of GITW-- our monthly award. Every month, on the 15th, we will announce the recipient, selected from among the posts we stumble on in our travels around the blogosphere and all of your nominations.

I think of the award recipient as a "Wow! What she said!" post, a post that stays with you, that calls to you, that shows you something you haven't thought of before. It can be short, it can be long, it can be lyrical, it can be hilarious piss-your-pants funny, it can be a rant. It can be anything that moves you.


This month, as the time was short and the idea new, we did both the nominating and the selecting. In the future, though, we humbly ask for your help. Unfortunately, the babyloss blogosphere is large, and the wider one is unfathomably humongous. Without your help, we will absolutely miss some of these incredibly insightful posts. And pretty please, with sugar on top, feel free to nominate yourself as well as anyone else. It's not at all weird. Honest. (And when we announce the winner, we will also list all the nominees for the month, so that everyone gets a chance to click their way through the richness.)

And this brings us to the official portion of today's program. The inaugural Glowing in the Woods award goes to...drum roll, please...

Lori from Losses and Gains for her post Never Enough Time.  It's a story of loss across generations, of time, of hard-won wisdom, and of course, of love. Go read it, and bring tissues.

I am particularly thrilled to be able to present this award to Lori today because she was one of the very first deadbaby mamas I "met" last year, and one whose words have always rang with quiet truth and wisdom to me. Congratulations, Lori! And please watch your email for your new bling.


Pst... There is another new post below this one. That's right-- it's a two post day. Hallelujah!