holding onto hope


jen, swirly, andrea, canon digital rebel xti

There are many morsels of my friendships that I hold dear to my heart. One of them that is so very special to me is something I have learned from the amazing women in my life.

On the days when the sadness feels overwhelming and I struggle to hold onto those positive, manifesting thoughts, I hear them say..."release that pressure to be positive all the time. give it to us. let us hold onto the hope you need so that you can rest your head and feel whatever it is you feel in this moment."

I am grateful for this gift. Grateful that it teaches me how to be a better friend to them when they lose hope. It teaches me to be more gentle with myself. I have so much faith in the power of loved ones in my life holding onto a dream for me during those moments when it feels too heavy or out of reach.

I have this vision of them circling me, cupping my hope in their hands, leaping, dancing and lifting it to the sky and when I am ready, they gently hand it back to me.

...and it somehow feels lighter and closer and real again.

Today's bonus post is contributed by another sort of sister--the gorgeous Boho Girl, who glows for those who live through infertility, who face a test of endurance in the journey towards motherhood. She is a breathtaking photographer and a warm spirit, and we borrow her image, words and hope with thanks.