glowing in the woods: august 2008

Our hearts are full up these days at Glow. We're so grateful for all of you--our friends and our sisters and lostbaby daddies and everyone else in between who comes here for solidarity, perspective, warmth. Your voices make this space what it is--the words and stories of your babies and your motherhoods and your love, a most honourable and honouring sort of love.

This month we honour Gwendomama for her post Before, and after for bringing to us so vividly the bitter and the sweet of indulging dreams.


Remember to nominate your favourites by the 14th of every month--thanks to all of you for participating! And as always, let's do what we can to find and acknowledge new voices and friends.

August's glowing nominees were, in random order:

Tara at Finding Cohen for The hardest part

Angie at Bring the Rain for Letter to my daughter

Julia at Life After Infertility and Loss for Apples and oranges

Mrs. Spit at Mrs. Spit Spouts Off for Fear

Maddie's Mom at Trapped Under Ice for Just thinking

Carly at The Wonders From My Sleepless Nights for Christian

Kymberli at I'm a Smart One for Glow

Debbie at It's Just Me for To Maya

Gwendomama for When children die: what to do. or say. or not

Loribeth at The Road Less Travelled for The end... and the beginning

K@lakly at This Is Not What I Had Planned for You'll be there