A time to talk

It has been unseasonably warm here. Freakishly warm, I would say. A week or two ago I walked to lunch and it was so warm and sunny that the only thing that seemed out of place was the bright red, orange, and yellow of all the gorgeous trees on campus. I mean, we're past half way point in November, and I have yet to wear a jacket this season.

This is completely and utterly disorienting. During the daylight hours it feels like we are stuck somewhere in early fall, but the early nightfall, the aforementioned crazy leaf colors and the unrelenting advance of the calendar, which insists on telling me that inexplicably Thanksgiving is but a week away, all of these are fairly adamant about it being rather much later into the year. And much later into the year happens to mean much closer to the holidays. So with Thanksgiving pretty much the gateway to and the official start of tree decorating season, the very same Thanksgiving I tell you that is but a week away, I am bewildered, but I bow to the weight of the evidence-- holidays are almost upon us. The holidays are tough for many of us, so today I wanted to do what we haven't done in too long-- ask you how you are.

So how are you? What is going on? How is the weather where you are? What does that feel like to you?