Despite Silence

I cannot stop missing Silas
despite everything. 

Despite time broken into before and after.
Despite new life in our lives.
Despite a distance beyond comprehension.
Despite the black, despicable wall of death.  

I feel his absence in my brothers and parents.  

I see them not seeing him
where I don't see him either.  

To this very moment years from his grave,
I cannot believe this is part of us:
that my parents have a life where their grandson died.  

Awful.  Outlandish.  Ridiculous to the point of unbearable pain.

How brutal this world,
where this is something that can happen in life,
where Death takes children and shatters lives to pieces.

That mocking Sun that goes on shining.
The blithe lives that go on living
while our little one is gone.  

All of us in my family feel it together
and that shared grief eases the burden enough
to make another day doable,
with Silas only in our hearts.

I find that sometimes it is easier to access and understand these brutal emotions via poetry.  To that end, I invite you to write a poem about your lost child or children and the living family around you.