Singing Her Home

I wrote this song a week and a half ago, on a Thursday night. The heat had been terrible. I was irritable with everyone in my house, and they all wanted something from me, humans and beasts alike.

To play princesses.
To change bulbs.
To fetch snacks.
To change doll diapers.
To be let outside.
To be paid attention to.

Simple, reasonable, everyday requests, but a wave of snarl was building in me. I knew it was going to crash onto the people I loved. I knew I needed to be alone, but in my day-to-day, there are few, if any, opportunities to be alone. It is often during these spells that I pick up the old scratched and weathered Harmony acoustic guitar that always waits for me in the corner. That battered instrument is my force field. My invisibility cloak. See, I am a songwriter (or, as Bobby D once put it, a “song and dance man”) and in my house when I pick up my guitar and set myself to recording something, it is known that everyone should give me some space. I suppose it is my way of being alone.

On this night, I knew the heat was getting me again. The heat of remembrance or PTSD, whatever you’d like to call it. Roxy was coming on over. I was 3 weeks away, yet, from our Roxiversary, but the heat of the summer was bringing her early as it often does. Not that she has far to come. She lives right next door to every thought, waking and dreaming alike.

Roxy, nearly 6 years dead, wanted my attention too, so I sat down and wrote this song.

I It wasn’t Abilene or the cinders
It was the way she shut her eyes
And I couldn’t tell how she may have felt
It wouldn’t change a thing tonight
I guess we parted like a river
Some of us left and some of us right
I took a drink of her, she took a drink of me
And it was time to say goodbye
I’m singing her home
I’m singing so everybody knows
They better leave me alone
Sometimes the night can close the distance
And it can turn you like a knife
I had a dream of her and it was alright
But it wasn’t, wasn’t really alright
Shiver my bones
She is the ghost I can’t let go
I can’t let go
I’m singing her home
I’m singing so everybody knows
They better leave me alone
They better leave me alone
They better leave me alone

Does your grief cause you to want to isolate? How do you create space for yourself?