As we ready ourselves for hibernation and winter sets in here in the Northern Hemisphere, those in the Southern half of the world have already left winter behind and are in full bloom. One such writer and babylost mama is Jo-Anne Joseph. Many of you who frequent the forums know Jo-Anne, a dedicated Glow presence and support for so many. Jo-Anne, who writes at My Little Light Zia, is a mother of 2 children, one living, one gone much too soon. Zia was born still in July 2013. Jo-Anne writes, "Everyday I miss Zia, everyday I wonder what she would be like on that day. Zia is deeply loved and I live my life in honour of her. Each day I am alive is another day her story lives, she lives." We are so pleased to have Jo-Anne as a guest writer today.


The first day of Spring brought with it an immense amount of sunshine,
A gentle breeze,
But there are still some trees, brown and empty
They stand, the sun burning into every branch
They stand after enduring the harshness of the winter
Their leaves have withered away,
They seem dreadfully alone
The spring brought with it the inflow of birds,
flying back from a long winter away
they chirp happily every morning and inhabit the other trees
building nests, making homes,
Those trees began bearing leaves again,
But there are still trees brown and completely empty,
Awaiting the rain to grant them life again
The winter cold has abandoned me
Taking coldness to another place in the world
I am in the spring with the grass which has started to green around me
The spring with winter trees still brown and dry,
With a yearning for rain which may never come
And when it does
the brownness will end,
It may flower again,
But just not now,
Not today,
Today those brown and dry trees are a reflection of me.

What season are you in? How do the seasons affect your grief?