photo by  K. Inglis

photo by K. Inglis

Today's guest post is from a musician who recently contacted us here at Glow. Latlaus Sky, made up of Brett and Abby Larson, have just completed their 14-track album "The End of Sorrow." The title refers less to a literal ending of sorrow and more to finding its purpose, though he leaves it up to each one of us to find our own purpose in sorrow.

While the album is a loose fictional narrative of loss, the questioning and sorrow is, like much fiction, from Brett's real life. He said to me—and I find truth in this—"It seems the stories we tell can sometimes come closer to us than the realities of fact. I have looked into the river of sorrow and my music is a search to follow this river to the sea." His hope is that his music will reach others who have experienced loss.

All proceeds from their album will be donated  to the Malala Fund, to help educate young women who have had education denied.

I reach my hands up to the sky
I try
I want to be up where you are
With you
Maybe wings to get me high
I try
From down here
I miss you like the ocean
Hold me for a while
I'm not ready to let go
The ocean knows your name
Better than I
Do now
What should I do now
She walks up there now
With her feet so bare and pure
The sky is golden brown
And she is looking down on me
Don't you
Go where I can't
Follow you
Follow you
River bend
and let me free
I've never been