babylost fathers: a special call for submissions

One of the things this community has always been proud of is that we are not just a place for grieving moms. We are here for all babylost parents. Mothers and fathers, birth parents and partners and adoptive parents all come through our cabin door and stay awhile. We find ourselves in a relatively quiet moment here at Glow, with only a few babylost mamas writing, and we'd like to invite more male voices onto our front page. Our intent is to feature the writing of babylost fathers as guest posts throughout the month of June.

If you are a babylost father, even if you don't consider yourself a writer, we encourage you to write about how your loss(es) have affected you--your relationsips, your career, your faith, your outlook, the way you exist in this world. For our submission guidelines, you can look here on the Guest Writer Submissions page, and then you can submit your writing here.