One more day, one day more...

art by  Ray Fenwick

This morning a friend posted a video of a flash mob of the crescendo of the first act of the musical Le Miserables. Many voices, many storylines, coming together as they are supposed to at the end of ethe first act of any great (or even good) musical. These big end of first act numbers often feel like a small miracle to me—each voice carries their own theme on, yet all voices sound right together and, dare I say it, somehow elevate each other.

Election day is almost here, and I know I am not the only one whose anxiety levels are off the charts. It's not a new or unfamiliar feeling. It's just that usually when I walk around with a permanent pit in my stomach and a permanent knot in my throat I can't expect that most of the people I'd meet in a day might be feeling the exact same thing. There is community in this too—in sharing difficulty, perseverance, dark humor, but also determination and joy.

Of all people, we here knew all that. And so, realizing that we haven't done this in a while, I find myself wanting to check in here, at the Glow campfire. So, how are you? Pull up a chair, grab a mug. We'll be here, listening.