photo by  A.Scarpulla

photo by A.Scarpulla

Today, she is an infant;
her sparkling eyes and warm coos pulling her father into her blissful world of discovery.

Today, she is a musician;
guitar resting on her knee, her beautiful voice carrying poetic words of love and life.

Today, she is successful;
modestly accepting praise as others gush respect and thank her for words of encouragement and leadership.

Today, she is a little girl;
giving as much as taking from her siblings. Giggling, fighting, and bonding with them in a way that continues to bloom throughout their lives.

Today, she is a teenager;
bounding down the stairs with excitement for her friends that wait in the driveway. My words “I love you” chasing her on the breeze that follows her out into the world.

Today, she is determined;
denying stereotypes and naysayers, cultivating her passion with confidence and grace.

Today, she is in love;
vulnerable, but fearless. Her eyes filled with hopes and dreams, her fathers’ with bittersweet tears, as we glide across the dance floor.

Today, she is a mother;
her arms full with a beautiful baby, her heart with an overwhelming love.

And today, like every day,
she is gone

And today, like every day,
she is loved.

How do you envision your child(ren)? Are they always the appropriate age? Are they all the way grown?